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Mar. 28th, 2009


{+Fourth Calling+}- [Audio][English]

She's gone, brother. Can I come back to you now?

((ooc: In response to this thread. Backdated, like, a day. :D Loz did a very bad thing. ^^; So... If anyone's wondering where Lain is... LET THE INTERROGATION START. <3))

Mar. 25th, 2009


{+Third Calling+}- [Accidental Audio/Commentlog with Lain]

...Why is there a young girl chained to me? Does this happen all the time here? Wait... We spoke over the comm, didn't we?

It's Lain, right?

[There's a pause as the man tries to gather his thoughts. He's at a total loss for what to do.]

Brother, where are you?

Mar. 20th, 2009


{+Second Calling+}- [Audio][Commentlog]

[And here is Loz, on the top deck, leaning on the guardrails. This is the first time he has actually seen an ocean (other than reading about such things in books), and he is quite fascinated by it. And a bit depressed.]

So much water. It's so... pretty. Very pretty. I didn't think such a thing existed. I wonder, are there 'whales' in it, too? Or 'sharks'?

Mother, you should really see this. When we find you, we'll all go to the sea. At least just once.


[He lets out a sigh.]

Mar. 18th, 2009


{+First Calling+}- [Accidental Audio]

[All that can be heard through the communicator for a few minutes is heavy breathing, followed by several deep groans. Loz has no idea where he is or how he got here. He had been fighting alongside his brothers, right? Getting rid of that arrogant red-head and his bald companion... Where was he? And where were his siblings?]

...This is not Midgar. Or even anything like that filthy city. And why can I feel faintly feel the floor tilting? [A loud thump as something drops to the ground.] My phone! It's broken! Is this... Is this supposed to be its replacement? A cheap-looking little toy like this?

Brothers? Kadaj, Yazoo? Can you hear me? I... I think I'm lost. Or trapped somewhere.